LIRA is an initiative started in 2011 to further assist Security companies in better facilitating security patrols.

LIRA is designed to solve a number of problems faced by Security Companies in Singapore when it comes to patrolling . This includes:

  • The widespread human errors due to recorded handwritten reports.
  • The inability to monitor the patrols done by security personnel.
  • The inability of security personnel to report any incident immediately.
  • The high prices of patrolling devices and other tour devices.

LIRA has three main functions:

  • Checkpoint Tour Management
  • Security Patrol Assistant
  • Live Reporting

Checkpoint Tour Management

LIRA headquarters provides security checkpoint tour management for its clients. The server allows our headquarters to ensure that security personnel have completed the required checkpoint tours within the time frame given by our clients. LIRA server are also able to monitor security personnel live while they are on they patrol.

Security Patrol Assistant

The LIRA application assist security personnel to ensure to conduct their checkpoint patrols smoothly. The LIRA application reminds the individual of the patrol time and also guides the individual through his/her route. The LIRA application is also compatible with a number of smart phones, making it an economical option as compared to patrol devices in the market.

Live Reporting

The LIRA application allows the individual to conduct live reporting of incidents using the 3g capability of smart phones. The LIRA server will then be notified of the incidents while the security personnel was on patrol immediately. By involving smart phones, individuals are also able to typewrite a statement about the incident as well as including a snapshot of the incident location using the camera function of the smart phone.